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What is an Excel Macro?

An Introduction to Recording and Modifying an Excel Macro.

On a basic level one can use the Macro recorder to record some actions in Excel without looking at the code generated.
The macro can then be attached to a button or run with a keyboard shortcut to replay those actions.
At the next level one can look at the generated code in the Visual Basic Editor and start to understand what it does and begin to be able to tweak it to achieve something a bit more sophisticated.
As one learns more and with the aid of internet forums and tutorials, it becomes possible to write code oneself and/or to use and adapt other people’s code. Looping structures and other computer programming forms can be used.
There are also special Excel Macros that are triggered by events such as when the worksheet recalculates. These can be used to create impressive effects.

I have created a demo screen recording which shows how we can begin to use the Macro Recorder to learn about and modify VBA code.

You can find the demo on the Excel techniques section of the Excel page at MathsFiles.com or click on this direct link :
Macro Recorder demo.