Do you need help with your computer?

I help quite a few people in the Hereford area who need help in various ways:

  • Learning how to use your computer.
  • Setting up and using email accounts.
  • Formatting or laying out PowerPoint or Word documents.
  • Removing viruses and setting up anti-virus and anti-malware software.
  • Getting you laptop or desktop computer working better.
  • Upgrading or re-installing the operating system.
  • Installing new hardware such as printers, scanners etc.
  • Updating an old website or moving it to a new server.
  • Designing and setting up a new website or blog.
  • General computer advice and troubleshooting

Remote assistance can be easily arranged.

Get in touch via the email link at the top of the page.

Did you know?:

  • There are many free antivirus and anti-malware programs that work well. Most people don't need to buy expensive software.
  • Deleted files can often still be recovered. If you are selling or disposing of an old computer the hard drive should be securely wiped first to ensure that any sensitive data cannot be extracted from it.