Improve your Excel skills

Excel is widely used in the commercial world from simple calculations and report presentations to accounting, complex modelling and risk assessment.

Excel is a vast program and often users may be unaware of, or not make full use of, its many features such as named ranges, dynamic ranges, data validation, conditional formatting, scrollbars, option boxes, database functions, macros, visual basic etc, etc.

Improving your Excel skills can help you work more efficiently as well as making the interface more attractive and impressive for end users.

Alternatively you may prefer to use my services as an independent Excel consultant and troubleshooter.

I can also run reminder courses on Mathematical and Statistical concepts and methods and their use in Excel.

Contact me to discuss the options.

Whatever project you have in mind I can help you develop your use of Excel from the basics through to advanced features such as forms, macros and conditional formatting. I offer individual tuition in Excel and the other Office programs such as Word and PowerPoint according to your needs.

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Maths Tutoring

I offer private tuition in maths at GCSE, AS and A level. I can also help if you have other needs for maths tuition e.g. for business or as an adult learner.

I have over 30 years experience of teaching, mainly in sixth form colleges. I can help with all aspects of the subject from numeracy skills upwards, including Pure Maths, Mechanics, Statistics, Further Maths and university entrance exams.

I am a patient tutor and believe in working with my students as individuals. I can help with alternative approaches and strategies where needed and look at the general picture of study skills and how to approach the subject as well as dealing with specific topics.

I am also an expert at using spreadsheets (Excel) and enjoy using them and other mathematical software to help explain concepts.

Tuition in Herefordshire

If you are within travelling distance of Tyberton near Madley in Herefordshire, UK, tuition can take place at my house.

Online Tuition:

If you live further afield it is possible to arrange online tuition provided you have a broadband internet connection.

Quote from a student:

"I am sure that you will be glad to hear that I passed my maths GCSE
I can’t thank you enough, almost everything in my exam paper I learnt in your lessons."