MathsFiles - Interactive Excel files for Maths Education

Here are my Excel files. If you like you can look at the Notes and ScreenShots first to get an idea of what they do.
Click the button to download the file. The Notes and ScreenShots open in Pop Up windows.

Learning Excel Techniques:

If you are interested in learning about Excel techniques including Macros, formulae, conditional formatting,named ranges, dynamic ranges etc have a look at this section. This is a new section and I will gradually add more content to it.

About Excel versions:

Most of these files were written in Excel 2003. They should also work in Excel 2007 onwards under compatibility mode but do let me know if you find any problems. Remember to set Macro security or just choose "Enable Content" in the information bar each time you open a file.

Setting up Excel 2003

Nearly all the workbooks use macros. In order to enable the macros you will need to set the security level to medium or zero (go to Tools/Macros /Security). In Excel 2003 some files need the Excel optional add-ins Analysis ToolPak and Analysis ToolPak VBA; follow these instructions to make sure you have them installed and enabled: On the Tools menu, click Add-Ins. If the add-in you want to use is not listed in the Add-Ins available box, click Browse, and then locate the add-in. If the add-in is not installed on your computer, you can install it (you may need your Office installation disk). In the Add-Ins available box, select the check box next to the add-in you want to load. For more detail type "Install add-in" into the Excel help Answer Wizard.

Contact me:

If you find some of these files useful and/or have any comments I'd like to hear from you. You can email me using the link above.

Using Scroll Bars in Excel:

Scroll Bars are useful when we want to observe the effect of changing the value of a particular cell.
To download the file (based on Excel 2007), click here: Scroll Bars Excel File

Using Named Ranges in Excel:

Named Ranges can make formulae and references in Excel more meaningful and efficient.
To watch a demo (based on Excel 2007), click here: Named Ranges Demo

Setting up Excel 2007/2010/2013 for Advanced Work:

This covers showing the Developer Tab and customizing the Quick Access Toolbar.
Instructions (pdf file).
To watch a demo (based on Excel 2007), click here: Setting Up Demo
Note: the only major difference for later versions of Excel is that the option to show the Developer Tab is found by going to 'Options - Customise Ribbon' and checking the box for Developer Tab

Recording and Modifying a Macro in Excel:

This demo shows how we can use the Macro Recorder in Excel to begin to explore, understand and modify the code produced in the Visual Basic Editor.
To view the demo, click here: VBA demo

The Offset fuction and Dynamic Named ranges in Excel:

This Excel file helps to explain the Offset function and its use in creating dynamic named ranges and dynamic graphs.
To download the file, click here: Offset Function Excel File

A demo shows in more detail how to use the Offset function to create a simple dynamic graph.
To view the demo for Excel 2007 onwards, click here: VBA demo For Excel 2003, click here: VBA demo